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Feb 1 / bryn

978. How to write pretty letters

I have a feeling that hand written letters are going to make a comeback.  I secretly hope they will, because I LOVE getting cards in the mail.

One of my best friends in elementary school had an Australian pen pal that actually came to visit her in the US in 3rd grade.  It was incredible.  I wanted a pen pal soooo bad after that.

My current obsession is writing our return address on the back flap of the envelope.  Seems to class it up a bit.  But even classier is a handwritten calligraphy stamp!

I think I first saw this in a Martha Stewart catalogue.  She featured Emilie Friday’s designs.  I’ve got some favorites.

But there are so many designers on etsy, it’s worthwhile to take a look around.  Especially since Emilie Friday’s shoppe has probably started blowing up since being featured in Martha Stewart Living.

A fav from designandink:

OR, maybe you’re already fond of your handwriting, and want to make a stamp from that.  There are a number of places online that will let you submit an image for a custom rubber stamp!  This would have come in real handy while mailing all those Christmas cards!

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  1. Brooke / Feb 2 2011

    These have been on my Etsy faves for days! Love them! I decided just last week that this would be the year I finally splurge. Plus I kinda want a second one with my Etsy website listing. I also think they’d make the most fabulous housewarming gift!

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