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Aug 8 / bryn

894. How to take full advantage of your birthday!

Birthday’s are fun, but they are even more fun with presents!  During college I signed up for A LOT of birthday programs.  All free.  I’m still reaping the benefits of some of these programs.  Here’s a list so you can get all sorts of fun gifts on your birthday!

Totally Free!


Become a beauty insider at sephora and get a free gift, redeemable 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your birthday!  Last year it was a pack of travel lip glosses.  This year was a bottle of philosophy shampoo.  Sign up to become a beauty insider!

Red Robin

I have fond memories of Red Robin.  It was the main high school hangout and the original was only a few blocks from my college dorm.  They just started the Red Loyalty program where you use a card to log the $$ spent at Red Robin.  You have to visit a store to pick one up (although they mailed me one) and it gets you a free burger during the month of your birthday!  It also gets you a free appetizer within 14 days of registering the card.  Burgers are around $10, so this could be a super cheap date night if 1 burger is free!


Coldstone use to give you a free creation on your birthday.  Now it’s buy one get one free.  Not as good as it use to be, but hey, who’s going to turn down free ice cream?  Sign up here!


I’ve told you how awesome the strabucks reward program is, right?  You register your gift cards and starbucks takes care of the rest.  If you have starbucks even once a week, put $20 on a starbucks card and use that instead.  You’ll be getting points!  You also get a free drink on your birthday (it’s actually a coupon good for about 2-3 weeks around your birthday).  Register your first gift card and you’re set!  The iPhone app is also pretty awesome, so I’d suggest loading that on your phone as well.


I like the clothes at anthro, but my wallet doesn’t always agree.  You get a coupon for 15% off during your birthday month!  Since it’s anthro, they make sure to fancy-up the discount card.  Last year it came with a candle necklace and this year it came in a little blue pouch with stars.  Super cute!  I signed up in the store.


On your birthday, get your choice of chowder, fish & chips, Mahi tacos or a cheesburger!  Join the email club and they’ll send you something around your birthday!


Redbox sent me a code for 1 free movie rental good for 1 month after my birthday.  Sign up here!

Macaroni Grill

Free dessert.  I think you get it by signing up for their email here!

Purchase get’s you a freebie

Auntie Anne’s

Buy one get one free, sign up for Pretzel Perks here!

Melting Pot

Free dessert for 2 with purchase of big night out (this is an expensive meal….so this isn’t an awesome freebie in my opinion).  But you can sign up here!

Space Needle

Join the club and get a free entree when dining with a friend (buy one get one free).


Free mud pie with your purchase of entree.  Join the MVP club to make it happen.

I’m sure there are more out there!  If anyone has any to add, leave a comment!

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