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Mar 26 / bryn

879. How to sync iPhone with new mac

I got a new mac back in November.

I plugged in my iPhone to my new mac and learned that even Apple has its faults.  Annoyed, I decided to put this off for some time…

I spent Sunday cursing Apple under my breath as I tried to figure out how to sync my iPhone with my new {sort of} mac.

I didn’t find Apple that helpful….but I did find a nice blog article at OSX Daily

Here’s what it says:

1.  Quit iTunes on both Macs and disconnect the iPhone from both Macs

2.  Open the Home folder and copy the iTunes directory from the old computer to the new one, located at:


3.  Now open the user library directory and copy the backups from the old computer to the new one, located at:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/

4.  To be certain everything is in order, copy over iTunes Preferences files as well:


5.  Now connect the iPhone to the new Mac, launch iTunes, confirm that everything is in order, and authorize the new computer

NOTE:  Lion has hidden the Home folder from the user, so in order to find it, open a new finder window and search.  COMMAND + SHIFT + G and search “~/Library”

Before you do all of this, be sure to back up your phone on your old computer.  Right click the device in iTunes and select backup.

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